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I am in the process of archiving all of my serious comics to date on Tapastic and Line Webtoon including the NEVER-BEFORE AVAILABLE ONLINE Tales from the Clarkside companion comic!! (You still need to hear Carl’s actual album though, it’s amazing.) And here is Down My Street, a set of sequential stories I did for The Sketchbook Project.

All new and upcoming comic projects will be released first on my Patreon page, where they will be free to read! Any help I receive on there is purely for the purpose of helping and is not required to read my comics. You can also download 31 pages of short comics from my ko-fi shop, pay what you want (or don’t!)

Below is everything about the comics I have released to date!

The Allstory project


Allstory is my attempt to unite all of the art I have made to date into one narrative comic. Different comics in this series explore my own personal thoughts, impressions and memories. It’s like a look inside my brain for lack of a better word.

Allstory updates sporadically as a standalone series on Tapas and will be collected as part of Dream-Land on Line Webtoon.

The killing of Dreams and other comics

Buy 42 page color comic
Buy 42 page color comic “The killing of Dreams” on Comixology, Amazon and IndyPlanet

The killing of Dreams is a full-color comic of 42 pages including The killing of Dreams part 1, The killing of Dreams part 2 (end), and the short comic The Pretty Sun.

Plot summary: In a snow-locked village a girl watches helplessly as her friend’s health begins to fail. Is her sickness related to the monster stalking the village at night? The killing of Dreams gives a simultaneously tender and nightmarish treatment to this story of friendship, forbidden love, and the end of childhood.

The killing of Dreams (edited) can be read online on Tapas and Line Webtoon. The complete (unedited) HD comic with bonus art is also available for purchase as an ebook on Comixology and Amazon and is available IN PRINT and digitally at IndyPlanet.


Just finished reading your book…beautiful work.

This is a stunningly beautiful and haunting tale. Heather’s handling of color and light are particularly masterful. I highly recommend it!

If you want to know more about the comic for articles, blog posts or interviews, feel free to use these tools:

Press Kit || Media Kit || Blogger Kit

Below are three preview pages from the comic! You can also view short excerpts by going to the Media Kit above.

Dog Street part one by Heather Landry AKA Sandpaperdaisy

Dog Street

Dog Street Part ONE is a black and white comic with color covers, 20 pages long including The Ruby Machine and The Stone Squirrel (Original ending).

Plot summary: The tales in Dog Street all center around young boys in a suburban setting wrestling with unknown horrors that their families and neighbors no longer possess the clarity to recognize and fear. In Part ONE, one little boy observes the progress of a ruthlessly advancing machine, while two friends discover an inexplicable horror in the neighbor-lady’s front yard.

Dog Street Part ONE is currently available from IndyPlanet in both digital and print form and the ongoing series is free to read on Tapas and Line Webtoon.

Below are three preview pages from the comic! You can also read the story The Ruby Machine below.

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