two girls hold hands. a rope lies twisted at one girl's feet, the other girl's mouth and dress are bloody.

Thank you for your interest in helping spread the word about my new comic book, The killing of Dreams! The ebook, a horror and dark fantasy comic, is currently available on Comixology, Amazon Kindle and the paper comic will be coming soon to IndyPlanet. I am available for guest posts, interviews, and features.

I’ve shared tons of information below that will help you promote the comic, and you may always feel free to contact me with any questions.

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This book is intended for readers aged 15 to 45 with an interest in horror and fantasy comics in a disturbing, dreamlike setting with a strong artistic approach. Lovers of independent comics and unusual comic approaches will appreciate the limited palette, dramatic shadows and elaborate “painted” panels.

About the book:
In a snow-locked village, Else watches helplessly as her friend Claire’s health begins to fail. Is her strange sickness related to the monster stalking the village at night? The killing of Dreams gives a simultaneously tender and nightmarish treatment to this story of friendship, forbidden love, and the end of childhood.


About the Author:
Heather Landry is a freelance artist who makes her own comics, is extremely active in the local art scene and runs her own studio, Sandpaperdaisy Art. She spends her days working on art and playing with her two dear boys, and her nights working on MORE art after they go to bed. Her favorite genre would probably be horror or surreal art, but she also adores science fiction and fantasy.

“Just finished reading your book…beautiful work.”

“This is a stunningly beautiful and haunting tale. Heather’s handling of color and light are particularly masterful. I highly recommend it!”

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