The killing of Dreams Blogger Kit

Download the Media Kit

What I’m asking from bloggers:
My appearance on your blog can be whatever best fits the culture and the topic of your blog. I’m available for guest posts, interviews, Q&As, book reviews, and book giveaways. I can offer guest posts or interviews on the following topics:

  • Writing/drawing horror and dark fantasy comics
  • Self-publishing a comic
  • Being both writer and artist of a comic
  • General writing and storytelling tips and insights
  • General art and comic tips and insights
  • Insights on creating comics/freelancing while raising a family full-time

I will provide the following, to be included at the discretion of the host:

  • relevant links to buy the book, to my website, and to my Twitter account
  • a short author bio
  • author head shot
  • book’s cover image

Here’s a sample blurb to promote the book on your blog, to your newsletter, or to your email contacts:

I’m excited tell you about the latest comic from Heather Landry. The killing of Dreams is a horror/dark fantasy comic about the deadly forces that threaten to shatter the lives of two girls. You can learn more about the author at and get a copy of the book from

Fun facts about me:

  • I’m a jellyfish freak!
  • I appear as one of the artists at a local anime convention every year and even design the mascots.
  • My husband finally convinced me to try Mexican food when I was in my 20’s.

Serious facts about me:

  • My two young children provided the motivation for me to become a more productive and varied artist. Before they came along, I lacked focus.
  • I’m a very active member of a local counter-culture art group called The Arts Council of Doom. Since joining them, my career has advanced so rapidly it took me by surprise.
  • As a freelance artist, I make it a point to resonate with my clients tightly enough that they are often shocked by how closely I mirrored what was “in their head.”

Fun facts about the book:

  • The killing of Dreams was quite a job to convert to Kindle format! I wrote a funny post about the process here.
  • This comic had its germination all the way back in 2006 when I had a nightmare, jotted it down and later sketched 32 horrible-looking pages for the July 2007 NaNoManGo challenge on livejournal.
  • The protagonist Else is named after a Grimm’s Fairytale I have always enjoyed, “Clever Else.”


Sample Tweets and Facebook Posts:

Check out the surreal and disturbing new horror comic from creator @sandpaperdaisy (Click to Tweet)

Check out the surreal and disturbing new #horror #comic “The killing of Dreams” from creator Heather Landry of SandpaperdaisyArt. (Click to Share on Facebook)

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