PG and the Art of Collective Mythmaking VI

It’s that time again! The Ides of March were upon us when PG Cafe and Gallery opened their awesome annual group myth-themed show. Our work will hang until April 20 and there’s some awesome stuff there this year. I’ll try to do a posting of a few different pieces if I get the chance, but admittedly March is one of my more insane months so we’ll see. Possibly closer to show closing to remind people to get out there!

In the meantime, here’s the piece I have in the show. Some lucky person has already claimed the first 16×20 archival canvas of “The Return of Cortes Quetzalcoatl,” but I’ll try to have smaller prints in time for Spring YART.


The story behind this one is pretty simple: there’s an old story that Moctezuma II may have tried to welcome Hernan Cortes because he believed the conquistador was actually the returning god Quetzalcoatl. If this was the case, Moctezuma’s mistake may have cost his people everything.

However, many historians believe this story is just a myth.

So, either the anecdote is a myth, or Moctezuma and his people were destroyed by believing the myth of the returning god. Either way, I figured it was a nice piece for the Collective Myth-Making show! It’s pretty darn dark though…behind the skeletal Cortes (who resembles a conquistador Grim Reaper) burns the once-stunning city of Tenochtitlan.

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