DUO SHOW with Jon Fuchs at the Alhambra Theatre

flyer for art show with heather landry and jon fuchs at alhambra theatre evansville features prismatic watercolors and bright digital art

Jon and I work great together and often find inspiration in each other’s art! Jon’s beautiful watercolors with their brilliant prismatic colors and playful subject matter (like “50 Shades of Greyhound,” pictured on the far left of our HARMONY flyer) go perfectly with my own bright digital paintings.

Plus, I just love working with this man!

Our art hangs at the Alhambra Theatre at Haynie’s Corner Arts District, Evansville IN thru June. We’ll also be displaying out front this June First Fridays, June 3rd 6pm-9pm. Come see us!


A deep-sea diver in an old rusted tub in a dry meadow looks at a dilapidated billboard of a mermaid and dreams of the oceans he once knew.

You may remember this process post from when I was still slaving over DIVE! Now my most recognized piece to date, DIVE was featured on Redbubble’s November 27 2013 blog post, “Redbubble Loves New Semi-Gloss Posters.” It was purchased and displayed by Jakob in their Melbourne offices.

Redbubble staff buys Dive by sandpaperdaisy

You’re one of my favorite people, Jakob!

As you can see, DIVE is for sale on Redbubble along with much of my other art. It is also available on Society6.

Incidentally, a lot of people think my Deep-Sea Diver looks like a Big Daddy from Bioshock! My husband loves the games so hearing that makes me smile.


Beautiful woman in a kimono looking at her reflection in the water, that of a fox demon.

Now let’s have some old art! “Kitsune” is a commission from a couple of years back. It’s vector! The client didn’t specify vector but I got a wild hair. If you look closely at her reflection in the water, it’s a fox. She’s really a fox demon in the guise of a lovely woman.

Kitsune is on Society6||Redbubble.