East O the Sun West O the Moon: Two Versions

This is based on an old fairy story from the north, one I always liked because the girl set out to save her lover from a curse and not the other way around.

In fact, that polar bear you see is her lover, an enchanted king who must go to a golden castle East o the Sun and West o the Moon (pictured above) to marry the one who¬†cursed him…unless the woman who loves him can break the spell in time.

As usual, this is available as journals, shirts and other items at Redbubble and Society6!


Here’s a second version I did for a Christmas ornament!


Also on Society6 and Redbubble.

Emerging: Featured Artist at the Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, January

Solo show at the Bower-Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery, Evansville IN

Yep! I’m happy to say that I’ll be the featured artist in the window of the Bower-Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery from January 9 to February 4 (or possibly 5). I’m quite grateful to be given this awesome chance to show off my recent work, as well as a couple of pieces I just finished last night.

(Or this morning at 3am, depending on how accurate you wish to be!)

Haha! Looks like I forgot to set the image for City Eye the other day.

A graffiti spraypaint tagger boy in a dragon hoodie stares off into the rain while a fantastic graffiti moon hovers behind him.

Yep, I’ve been seriously tired this week…very busy too! Thankfully it’s all been happy occasions, like family visiting. But I’ve definitely been slipping up more then usual.

I’ve selected the related piece “City Moon” as the featured art for today. This was commissioned to hang alongside City Eye as matched pair, so the boy shown here purposely shares the coloring of the young lady from City Eye. This painting was commissioned as an exclusive so there are no prints available of it! However, the client has kindly consented to let me share my wistful tagger boy with you all as he stands there in the rain, regarding the woman standing across from him on my client’s wall.

A vaguely gothic lolita looking woman lowers her umbrella in the rain as the spirit of the city descends behind her.


Also known as Entropy, a depiction of a exploding world where the sun and moon ringed with a jumble of dissolving city forms hover in the middle of a cosmic storm.

Also known as “Entropy,” (sometimes I just can’t decide on a name by the time I’ve made a piece!!) this is a recent work from my December 2013 solo show. Since this is a wide-format piece I’ll append a slightly larger version at the bottom so you can see more of the detail.

This is available as art prints and many other things from Society6||Redbubble.

Also known as Entropy, a depiction of a exploding world where the sun and moon ringed with a jumble of dissolving city forms hover in the middle of a cosmic storm.

Kaguya Hime

a more sinister portrayal of Kaguya Hime from The Bamboo Cutter's Tale

Sketch which I’m going to be turning into collage/decoupage on a wood panel for an upcoming show on Mythmaking! Kaguya Hime is a celestial princess who was a refugee from the moon in the early Japanese narrative, “The Bamboo Cutter’s Tale.”

I realize Sailor Moon and other more light-hearted stories have their genesis in this legend, but I tried to make my Moon Princess more sinister and enigmatic!