A Girl and Her Mod Podge 2: Fox with Lantern

Another one of my little lacquered boxes, this was done for the same person who commissioned Kitsune. (She’s heavy into foxes, which is fine because I love ’em too.) Here are some shots of this playful little fox with his lantern, cut from different pieces of origami paper and glued onto a wooden jewel box.

As you can see I glued paper on the sides too. Apologies for the odd background, it’s my kitchen!


Beautiful woman in a kimono looking at her reflection in the water, that of a fox demon.

Now let’s have some old art! “Kitsune” is a commission from a couple of years back. It’s vector! The client didn’t specify vector but I got a wild hair. If you look closely at her reflection in the water, it’s a fox. She’s really a fox demon in the guise of a lovely woman.

Kitsune is on Society6||Redbubble.