a tree in autumn reds and purples with a halftone background and cicada husks clinging to the branches

This is a digital painting of a lovely tree we used to have in our backyard. The cicadas loved it. Unfortunately it died one year and we had to cut it down. Our neighbors lost a tree as well, I heard it was some sort of worm epidemic that claimed a lot of the trees in our neighborhood. I did an earlier version with much brighter colors but ultimately decided on the more autumn-colored piece.

a brightly colored tree with tiny cicada husks clinging to the branches.

I did this piece so large that I was able to isolate one of the cicada shells on the tree and make the small print from this post!

“Elegy” is available on Society6||Redbubble.

Cicada shell

digital art of a cicada husk

Here’s a cute cicada shell by sandpaperdaisy / Heather Landry.  I personally think that once something’s ugly enough it can be cute, anyway.  Though there do seem to be limits if you have ever seen the World’s Ugliest Dog competition…

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