Evillecon 2016 March 18-20

Evillecon raced up so fast this year I can’t even believe it’s here. As always, I’ll be there in the Artist’s Alley with my friend and booth partner Cora Dean, selling our sometimes cute and sometimes horrifying (okay that last bit is me) original and anime culture creations!

The convention is at Old National Events Plaza this coming March 18-20. Can’t wait to see you there.


I will be doing my best to adhere to the policies of any original creator(s) where fan art is involved. My personal policy is to only feature fan art I was commissioned to make, or something I researched/asked and determined I could offer for sale in a limited way. This policy has evolved over the years into what it is now, so if I’ve missed someone in the process I offer my sincere apologies.

Presumably from my unlighted jail cell.

At Evillecon this weekend!!

the artists of sandpaperdaisy art booth at Evillecon 2014.

Hence the horrible 2 second sketch. My partner Cora Dean and I will be in the Artist Alley all weekend and this is probably what you will see if you come visit–us bent over our sketchpads. We’re usually kept insanely busy doing commissions all day and all night. (It might have something to do with the fact that I offer Quick n Dirty $5 Color Commissions, fulfilled by convention’s end.)

The Evillecon Anime Convention is at the Clarion Inn, 4101 Highway 41 North, Evansville, IN 47714, beginning 12pm on Friday March 28th and wrapping up late Sunday afternoon, March 30th. Below is the map of the convention area with our booth in the Artist Alley highlighted, and a closeup of just the Artist Alley.

Normal online activity should resume Monday March 31. Until then!

location of sandpaperdaisy art booth at Evillecon 2014

closeup of location of sandpaperdaisy art booth at Evillecon 2014

Evillecon 2014 Mascots and Concept Art

I’m getting pretty excited about Evillecon Anime Convention coming up this Friday March 28 thru Sunday March 30th in Evansville, Indiana. But I’m also excited to see my mascots proudly adorning the Evillecon website!

That’s right, those cute kids in horsey costumes are my work. It started out with the Evillecon Team wanting me to explore the theme of “Year of the Horse” so I shot them some ideas, which they eventually asked me to develop along a My Little Pony slant:

Apologies to Hotline Miami and Twilight Sparkle! After looking at everything, they asked me to do My Little Pony style costumes using the mascots I designed them back in 2012, these kids here:

evillecon 2012 year of the dragon mascots by sandpaperdaisy

So I got busy and this was the result! I initially did deeper colors, which were then switched to more pastel colors.

The final three were the accepted mascots, and then they were altered a bit here and there by the Evillecon Team for display on their website. Below are the official mascots in their full website glory! You may see them other places during the convention as well.

And also, a reminder that my friend Cora and I will be appearing at the Artist Alley!

sandpaperdaisy and cora dean to sell at evillecon 2014 artist alley