Here are some of the patterns I have made for Whimsies Clothing over the past year and into this one! I’m still designing things as we speak and will continue to do so, but this is a good showing of what I’ve made for them so far.




This is identity/album art for the musician Hexecho: https://www.facebook.com/Hexecho/

His music is very cool techno/trippy gamer stuff that really builds an atmosphere and puts you in it, so I strove to make each hexagon “its own little world” as Hexecho put it upon receiving the work.


MuseHub podcast interview

I am both proud and humbled (if that’s possible?) to announce that I just did my first podcast, over at MuseHub, with my longtime friend and colleague Lauren Tharp of LittleZotz Writing!

We talked about all sorts of things, including our approaches to freelance work and all the various and sundry projects and shows I’ve got going on now and in the past. Thanks to Lauren’s editing wizardry, I didn’t embarrass myself!

Here’s the podcast link: http://musehub.biz/heather-landry/

And the Youtube link in case you need it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=19SVxGcRjqc

Links to shows/endeavors listed in this show:

YART: https://www.facebook.com/YARTSALE/

Evillecon: http://evillecon.com

My novel: http://tapas.io/series/the-balance

My latest comic: http://tapas.io/series/the-killing-of-dreams

Or click the image below!


PREMORSE solo show at PG

I have a solo art show of 39 pieces ranging from $20-$90 up at PG Cafe & Gallery, 1418 W. Franklin Street, Evansville IN. Show runs until October 12.

Event Page

Here’s some pieces for sale at PREMORSE:

Sorry for the photo quality, they’re just phone snapshots. I was told by the people who attended the opening that the printed and framed art was in fact more bright/brilliant than the art as it appears online, so make of that what you will.

100 Keys

100 Keys is taken directly from the description a friend gave me of her recurring nightmare, some years ago. When she first saw it, she said I had “taken her breath away.”

100 Keys will later be completed as a short comic.

PG & The Art of Collective Mythmaking IV

I’m honored to be back for the fourth round of this amazing annual group show at PG Cafe and Gallery! The show runs for the rest of this week and then I think they’re taking it down this Thursday, April 14. So if you haven’t seen it yet, run on down to PG  at 1418 W. Franklin and see this amazing show!!

Here’s some (but not all) of the fantastic art in this show, with the last 2 pieces being my contributions. If you wanna see the rest, you’ll have to go!

Just for fun, here’s the show opening flyer and a couple of shots of the PG chalkboard the day I went and snapped these pictures.


Be sure to catch the PRINTED group show at PG if you haven’t already!

Check out this amazing show at PG Cafe and Gallery before it’s gone on Friday February 19th! A lot of pieces are still available for sale but since art is often sold INSANELY CHEAP around here, they won’t be for long. Below are just a couple of the zillion amazing pieces in this show to whet your appetite. As you can see, every traditional printmaking technique has been explored here…screen prints, woodcuts, linoleum block, intaglio, clay monoprint (my insane contribution), and a bunch of other cool stuff I didn’t even recognize…GO!