While supplies last, I’m giving away plague doctor vinyl stickers. I  made these for Evillecon 2020 a lifetime ago, then as we all know the world ended. 

Sounds like free sticker time to me!!

Shoot me $1 (or less if you need, we all need to save money right now) to for shipping and tell me in the Notes section the address to mail your sticker(s) and if you want white, black or both. Clicking the “sending to a friend” option works best for this one time since it’s a giveaway. I am working with to bring you more FREEBIES for the next several weeks to cheer us all up, stay tuned! (Next is a Quarantine Cookbook!! Email to contribute your own recipes)

an offer for free plague doctor stickers from sandpaperdaisy art, showing the vinyl stickers along with a couple of plague doctor masks personally owned by the artist

Here’s the actual sticker art:

a medieval plague doctor in a waxed robe with goggles, a hat, and a waxed leather beak mask filled with blossoms. He carries a medical staff surmounted with a winged hourglass. A winged syringe filled with ruby liquid is in the foreground, smoke from his censor is in the background. A poor sufferer of the plague clings to his robes, their hands blackened and rotting.

I drew my plague doctor first back in 2012 before I knew about the glorious SCP Foundation, but I can’t recommend them enough. They have a great story about a plague doctor like entity, SCP 049, and The Volgun gives simply wonderful performances of this entity on youtube. Check them out and enjoy hours and hours of free horror-related fun!

And here’s more scp related art by me, I did SCP Foundation for Inktober 2018.