Memory Portraits, Editing Portfolio

To Pam and David, thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work! For your convenience I have assembled a portfolio highlighting editing and photo-manipulation work, while including representative examples of my artistic and freelance work to give you the most well-rounded picture possible. Clicking each image will bring up a larger version.

PHOTO-MANIPULATION: These pieces all feature heavily manipulated photography. Most photography is my own, occasionally I use properly licensed stock photos.

PHOTO EDITING: For these jobs I added, removed, or reconstructed elements such as people, flags, carriages, grates, and buildings, as well as correcting colors and removing glare and haze from imperfect scans and photographs and applying artistic filters.

PORTRAITS FROM PHOTOS: For family portraits I frequently work from faded or low-rez photos. I use the photos for proportional reference and then tablet-paint the portraits in 16×20 print resolution, adding colors and artistic touches of my own.

ARTISTIC WORK: Works created using my WACOM tablet, Photoshop, and Paint Tool SAI.

FREELANCE WORK: Jobs for local and distant companies and private clients, created using my WACOM tablet, Photoshop, SAI, Imageready and Illustrator.