Be sure to catch the PRINTED group show at PG if you haven’t already!

Check out this amazing show at PG Cafe and Gallery before it’s gone on Friday February 19th! A lot of pieces are still available for sale but since art is often sold INSANELY CHEAP around here, they won’t be for long. Below are just a couple of the zillion amazing pieces in this show to whet your appetite. As you can see, every traditional printmaking technique has been explored here…screen prints, woodcuts, linoleum block, intaglio, clay monoprint (my insane contribution), and a bunch of other cool stuff I didn’t even recognize…GO!



Breakthrough is a digital painting/collage that premiered November 14, 2015 at the “WONDER” art exhibit held by OneLife East in Evansville, IN as a 16×20 canvas and will be on display there until January. I used textures from my “Spring Turtle” decoupage on canvas when I made it.


I’ve also got Breakthrough up on Society6 and Redbubble now as a print, iPad case, and other stuff.


All the New Events that ever happened

I’m tired and I have a lot to do, so I’m just going to copy and paste my “Upcoming Events” section:

  • Threaded Canvas art display THRU MAY
  • DENUDE at 22 Jefferson Gallery MAY 22-JUNE 3
  • Art in the City MAY 22-JUNE 11
  • SculptEVV JUNE 6
  • “Supernatural” at New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, JUNE 6-JULY 17
  • Blick Arts Spirit of Summer JUNE 14-21
  • Atomic Shuffle solo show at IUPUI Gallery, AUGUST
  • Darkness solo show at PG Gallery, AUGUST

I’ll be posting more about the upcoming solo shows later, and be showing you all the new art I’ve done recently for Erewhon, Denude, Darkness and so forth. But for now, you at least have a good outline of what’s coming. Love you guys!

New consignment locations

For May’s First Fridays, May 1 from 6-9pm, I’ll be at Stef L’s Amour on 936 Judson Street! My art will continue hanging there through May.

Also, Saturday May 2 will mark the opening of Threaded Canvas‘s Evansville store and I have art in there too as well as shirts! I don’t have the street address as yet but it’s in the same complex as Blick Art Materials, across the parking lot.

Only you can save the Internet: Here’s how to fight the FCC’s controversial net neutrality plan

You’ll seldom see me reblog a post, but this is pretty important folks. Also, once you’ve read about the issue, here’s how to contact the FCC:

Email a complaint to the FCC:
Fill out a complaint form: [I believe the proceeding # is 14-28]

Both options available effective immediately.

Finally, lots of good tools including a way to instantly tweet key Congress members!

Seen this Artistic License yet?

I’m going to decorate mine soon and post it here, but I thought I’d share it in the meantime for anyone who wants to decorate and fill out their own!

I saw it floating around the awesome Arts Council of Doom awhile back. It evidently originated with David Mack of Daredevil and Kabuki fame. I wrote him a fan-letter once and he was kind enough to answer it and supposedly publish it in one of his comics, but darned if I know to this day which one it was!

You’ll be wanting the full-sized version below:



A message from the Easter Jellyfish

a foam and pipe cleaner jellyfish clutching a panicked little fish with googly eyes.

The Easter Jellyfish would like to tell you that it hopes you all have a lovely day regardless of how you spend it!

Yeah I got bored and made this jellyfish out of my son’s craft supplies because…I am obsessed with jellyfish. In fact I want to draw lots more jellyfish, as soon as possible!!

Stay tuned for all jellyfish, ALL THE TIME!! …perhaps not that many jellyfish, but I’m definitely going to make more…