Spring YART 2017 got in the paper!

The print and online versions of the Courier and Press featured an article on our art show!

I’ll update with a photo of the print article (which features my work, “Perelandra”) at some point, but for now I’ll leave you with a couple of phonecaps of the online article. I was especially thrilled my “Art is not just for the privileged” comment got in, since I had just done a lot of soul-searching on this very subject in my last article.

Illustration: Autumn 2015 Lovecraft eZine

Yeah I was a bit late in promoting this one yah! BUT, always good to direct more folks to these great guys. Especially the amazing KC Grifant, whose story “Better Halves” still creeps me out months after reading it for the first time.

Check out Grifant’s amazing story and others in The Lovecraft eZine, and below here’s a full shot of my illustration and a “big eyed” variant I did during the revision process!




Featured Artist: January 2016 Horror Zine

Check out the feature here! http://thehorrorzine.com/Art/Jan2016/HeatherLandry/Heather.html

This is a horror art feature of my work since my August 2013 feature there. I’m happy to be in this fantastic magazine again! The printed January 2016 version will be coming out soon and will also have one of my pieces in it.

Be sure to look at the other incredible artists too. I really enjoyed being introduced to the freaky mixed media of Claudio Parentela and the luminous (yet thematically dark) digital art of Angela He!


sandpaperdaisy TV interview art in the wild at wesselman nature center

I’m scheduled be on News44 this Friday, 6am with my ‪#‎nature‬ ‪#‎art‬ to promote Saturday’s ‪#‎ArtintheWild‬ show at Wesselman Nature Society. Hooray! Just a local news channel naturally, but I’m still pretty thrilled to have an opportunity to show off my art. I’ve made some new pieces recently that I can’t wait to show.

ART IN THE WILD THIS SATURDAY 12-4pm:https://www.facebook.com/events/1655411888036570/