Earth Day Art Crawl this April 20th

You heard correctly! On Saturday April 20, beginning at 2pm (with other family-oriented events as early as 8am) and going into the night, our city’s Franklin Street is hosting an awesome, magnificent ART CRAWL!!!!!! And of course, I’m in on it.

I’ll have pieces at PG, Winzerwald Winery, and Tin Man Brewery and will be with the Tin Man Brewery artists for part of the day (most likely 5pm-8pm or so) to meet and talk to crawlers. I’ve chosen a loose theme of “plants” and have already made one multimedia piece on phosphate pollution. The rest of my pieces will showcase carnivorous plants.

It promises to be a truly amazing day.


evillecon 2012 year of the dragon mascots by sandpaperdaisy

I and my wonderful partner Cora will be in the Artist Alley this weekend Friday 22-Sunday 24!! The Sandpaperdaisy studio sat down today and made a ton of new pieces and items for this event, including stickers, charms and buttons which will be landing in our Etsy shop afterwords. I’ll have free flyers for Ramiro Roman Jr’s art/comic site, Red Museum, as well. They’re gorgeous enough to be prints, whoever picks one up will be super lucky!

PG Gallery Soft Opening

Tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 8th) is the pre-opening opening of Franklin Street’s Purple Gallery! A lot of awesome artists have work for sale or display during the event and I am honored that Road’s End, above, will be among them. If you’re an Evansville person or live nearby, I invite you to enjoy the pre-opening along with all the other events happening during the Franklin Street Mardi Gras Crawl!

Courier and Press article about our DOOMSDAY show!

lord of death by stephanie osbourne

TACO DOOM’s next group show is coming up this Friday, 12/21/2012 at Angel Mounds! Here‘s the article about it, featuring a couple of cool pieces of art that will be in the show!

I’ve got one piece in called “Fenris Devouring the Sun” and believe you me, the other pieces in the show are absolutely amazing. I didn’t even see all of the entries and I was completely blown away.

I’m planning to be there from about 6pm to 8pm but the show will be rocking until at least 10pm. So come on down for the fantastic art and the End of the World!!

Featured image is “Lord of Death” by my awesome buddy Stephanie Osbourne. See more of her cool stuff at Little Lemon Press (also one of my friend links).

Salon des Refuses show OCTOBER 12

The event page is here. I’m going to have a staggering FIVE pieces in a new show at the Bower-Surheinrich Gallery, two of which have been refused in the past due to partial nudity.

I am ecstatic, since this means that between the Digitized shows and my recent 4 month run in their front room, I have now gotten every piece into that gallery that I ever intended to show there. I have conquered. No time to rest on my laurels now though, after this show is YART on the 13th and then Night Gallery 2 on the 20th. I’ll also be sending some work to South Texas Horrorcon with the D20 Girls. That should pretty much wrap up October, who knows what the end of the year may bring.

October 20th Night Gallery…real horrorshow

As if things couldn’t get any more awesome, my horror art will be featured at the amazing Night Gallery horror-themed art show! [Above is a snapshot of some of the creepy and amazing art that was at the show.]

Here’s what the site has to say about the show, being held from 6pm-9pm at Ahh Spa in Evansville, IN:

Join us for a devilishly delightful night of art, zombie pin ups and fun! This is a FREE, FUN and FAMILY FRIENDLY Event (well behaved mini ghouls please. Naughty little children will be left for the Goblin King).

This is a Halloween/dark arts themed event. Please feel free to come in costume! Mention this event and get $5 off any costume at Nick Nackery!

The Ahh Spa is proud to collaborate once again with the talented John Helfrich (mastermind behind the Night Gallery Concept) to present a full evening of art all to benefit PAAWS animal rescue. Ahh Spa will be donating 100% of their profits from the sales of art to PAAWS once again.

Featured Artists include:
*John Helfrich
*Christy Jochum Digital Designs
*Lisa Herzog
*Angela Jones
*Meagan Emerson
*Jamie Gish Bates
*Stephanie Osborne
*Christina Woolsey
*Clint Pollack

This year is special as we will debut our first ever Beauty and Brains Zombie Pin Up calendar designed by Christy Jochum Digital Designs and featuring the ladies of Glitter in the Air Productions.
Contact Reanna Fuller regarding pre-sells to this calendar by calling the Ahh Spa at 812-471-4990.

Free treats and goody bags to the first 25 creeps to walk through our doors!

More activities and artist to be announced very soon!!!

I’m pleased to say that I will be one of these artists. I’m also pleased to say as an aside that Reanna Fuller is a lovely person. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go save some puppies and kittens in October!

Hand Prints gets some press coverage

Our local paper, The Evansville Courier and Press, has this to say about the upcoming show.

Pretty sweet, no? Our art is described as ranging “from original card designs to postmodern social and political satire.” I assume that last bit is describing Wilke‘s work. I know Stephanie Osborne has some lovely Celtic knot cards she’s going to sell…

I will be selling Repressed Tentacle Raccoons, mudpuppy guts, shoes in beartraps, angelic T-Rexes and keyfish. Any unsold prints will go into my Etsy store and I will share photos of them all after their show debut regardless.