Curriculum vitae

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University of Southern Indiana 1999-2003, BA in Fine Art with a minor in Art History, 3.9 GPA
Academic Honors Diploma, Presidential Scholar List, Dean’s List, Golden Key Honor Society, Assistant to Professor Michael Aakhus and Dr. Phyllis Toy
Harlaxton College (Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK) Spring 2002, 4.0 GPA

The Arts Council of Doom
Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana

Graphic Artist, Memory Portraits, 2015-Present
Instructor, First Presbyterian Church “Faith Through Art” program, 2016
Chief Organizer, Earth Day Art Crawl Outdoor Art Sale, 2014
Program Artist. Evillecon, 2012-Present
Secondary Officer, The Arts Council of Doom, 2012-2015
Artist in Residence, Abbey Road Coffee & Bean Emporium, 2012-2013

Current: Bower-Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery, Rumjahn’s Gallery and Framing, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, 22Jefferson Art Gallery, Inman’s Picture Framing.
Past: AVID Art Gallery, Corvidae Collective, Moon River Gallery, Sortie Arts and Music, Riverwind Gallery, StaC Art Gallery, Galleries at USI, UEV, IUPUI, Angel Mounds, and Ivy Tech; Evansville Museum, PG Cafe and Gallery, Ripe Art Gallery, Audubon Gallery, Synchronicity Gallery, OVAL art gallery, Alexandrian Public Library, Flourish Plant Based Eatery.

EXHIBITIONS [solo shows in red]

Holiday Fine Art Sale, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, Nov-Dec 2022
Spooky Art Show, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, October 2022
Fall YART October 2022
Spring YART April 2022
Evillecon March 2022
Solo Exhibition, Alexandrian Public Library, February 2021
Art in the City, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, 2021
Holiday Fine Art Sale, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, Nov-Dec 2021
Spooky Art Show, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, October 2021
Fall YART October 2021
Motion, OVAL Art Gallery, March 2021
Works at Flourish Plant-Based Eatery, 2021-2022
Solo Exhibition, Alexandrian Public Library, February 2021
Holiday Fine Art Sale, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, Nov-Dec 2020
Unsheltered, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, June-July 2020
Holiday Fine Art Sale, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, Nov-Dec 2019
Monsters on Main, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, Oct-Nov 2019
Fall YART October 2019
ODD ART, Louisville Oddfellows Lounge, August 2019
BANG! Artists Create the Universe, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, June 2019
Uncanny Valleys Solo Show, Bokeh Bird, May 2019
Art Noir, Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, April 2019
Spring YART April 2019
Evillecon March 2019
Holiday Art Show, ACSWI, November2018-January 2019
Open Market Day of Events, New Harmony Gallery, November 2018
PLAY, New Harmony Gallery of the Contemporary Arts, November 2018
YART, Angel Mounds, October 2018
Michael Barber Album Release Party and Charity Art Auction, StaC Art Gallery June 2018
YART, Angel Mounds, April 2018
Evillecon 2018
Collective Myth Making: Pupienus’ Glove PG Cafe and Gallery, March 2018
#twitterartexhibit, Strathnairn Arts Gallery, Canberra, March 2018
The Politics of Imagination: Women in Illustration, New Harmony Gallery of the Contemporary Arts, February-April 2018
Art Noir, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, March 2018
SweetheART Exhibit, StaC Art Gallery, February 2018
Miniatures, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, February 2018
Holiday Art Show, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, November2017-January 2018
Art in the Wild, Wesselman Nature Center, November 2017
Synchronicity Reunion Show, November 2017
YART, Angel Mounds, October 2017
Haunted Art Show, StaC Art Gallery, October 2017
Space Madness 5, Angel Mounds, October 2017
PREMORSE, PG Cafe and Gallery, September-October 2017
STURM UND DRANG, Dapper Pig, June 2017
Blick Arts Featured Artist, June 2017
TACODOOM Group Show, Rumjahn’s Gallery, May 2017
YART, Angel Mounds, May 2017
Digital Painters Trio Show, Krannert Gallery, UEV Evansville, 2017
Pop!Con 2017 (featured at ETC Arts)
Evillecon 2017
Collective Myth Making: Pupienus’ Glove 2017, PG, 2 pieces
#twitterartexhibit, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, 2017
Art Noir, Bower Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery, 2017
Rumjahn Gallery Opening (Group Showing) 2017
Holiday Art Show, Bower Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery, 2016
Robot Invasion, New Harmony Art Gallery 2016
YART, Angel Mounds, May/October 2016
Tri-Con 2016
FEARFUL SYMMETRY, Sortie Arts & Music, September 2016
Blick Arts Featured Artist July 2016
Haynie’s Corner First Fridays, June 2016
USI 50th Anniversary Group Art Show, 2016
Art in the City, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, May-June 2016 juried
Collective Myth Making: Pupienus’ Glove 2016, PG, 2 pieces
Evillecon 2016
#twitterartexhibit, NYC New York, 2016
Ground Control David Bowie Group Show, Ivy Tech, 2016
Beauty of the Everyday Group Show, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, February 2016
I Like Andy Group Show, Ripe Art Gallery (NY), February 2016
Printed Group Show, PG Gallery, January 2016
Holiday Art Show, Bower Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery, 2015
WONDER Group Show, OneLife East, Winter 2015
DERELICTE Group Show, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, October 2015
YART, 22Jefferson Gallery, October 2015
Haynie’s Corner First Fridays, September/August/July/May/April/March 2015
DARKNESS, PG Gallery solo show, August-September 2015
USI Alumni Art Show, USI August 2015
Atomic Shuffle, IUPUI Gallery solo show, August 2015
SPACE MADNESS 3 Group show, Angel Mounds, August 2015
Hand Prints 4 group show Wesselman Nature Center, July 2015
Alhambra Theatre solo display, July-September 2015
Digitized group show, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, July 2015
Supernatural group show, New Harmony Art Gallery, June-July 2015
BEYOND solo show, Wesseleman Nature Center, July 2015
Blick Arts Spirit of Summer, June 2015
SculptEVV, Haynie’s Corner, June 2015
Art in the City, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, May-June 2015 juried
DENUDE group show, 22Jefferson Gallery, May 2015
YART, Angel Mounds, May 2015
Threaded Canvas Art Display, May-September 2015
Evillecon 2015
EREWHoN duo show, Wesselman Nature Center, March 2015
Collective Myth Making: Pupienus’ Glove 2015, PG, 2 pieces
ABYSSco Window Show, February 2015
Emerging Bower-Suhrheinrich Window Show, January 2015
Art Noir, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery 2015
WIRED Holiday Sale, December 2014
Patchwork Central Holiday Sale, December 2014
November SHOWING, 22Jefferson Gallery, November 2014
Art in the Wild, Wesselman Nature Center, November/April 2014
YART, 22Jefferson Gallery, October 2014
Fine Art Ready To Show, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery, October 2014
Night Gallery October 2014
Nomadic Views group show at Corvidae Gallery, Nashville October 2014
Cincy ComiCon Artist Alley September 2014
Space Madness 2 August 2014
Working Together July 2014, 1 diptych juried
Hand Prints III July 2014
The Big Lebowski in Little China April 2014
Earth Day Art Crawl April 2014
Evillecon 2014 Artist Alley
Collective Myth Making: Pupienus’ Glove 2014, 1 piece
The Literacy Center Auction 2014, 2 pieces
God From the Machine December 2013 Solo Exhibition
Patchwork Dragon November 2013 Solo Exhibition
Art in the Wild November 2013
Night Gallery October 2013
YART October/April 2013
Entartete Kunst October 2013
Unrecognizable, Bower-Suhrheinrich Gallery 2013
Hand Prints II July 2013
SculptEVV June 2013, juried
Abbey Road Outdoor Art Sale: May, June 2013
Evillecon 2013 Artist Alley
Collective Myth Making: Pupienus’ Glove 2013, 1 piece
PG Soft Opening 2013, 1 piece
DOOMSDAY 2012, 1 piece juried
Digitized 2012, 2 pieces juried
Horrorcon 2012, D20 Girls booth
Night Gallery 2 2012, dark art show for charity
YART October 2012
Salon des Refuses 2012, 5 pieces juried
Lazt Saturdayz X3 2012, group art show
Hand Prints 2012, group print show
Blick Arts Spirit of Summer 2012, 1 piece juried
Abbey Road Coffee & Bean Emporium Art Expo: June 2012 show
Evillecon 2012, D20 Girls booth
Digitized 2011, 3 pieces juried
Unrecognizable 2011 (abstract show) 2 pieces
Abbey Road Coffee & Bean Emporium Art Expo: June, July, and September 2011 shows
Evillecon 2011 Artist Alley and Art Show, 1 piece juried
The Sketchbook Project 2010, 1 book published
Digitized 2007, 1 piece juried
Evansville Plein Air 2007
Digitized 2006, 2 pieces juried
Evansville Plein Air 2006
Moon River Gallery 2005
Synchronicity Gallery, two shows 2003-2004
RISC (Research Innovation Scholarship Creativity) Conference, 2003
New Harmony Art Gallery 2003
Wadi Cafe, Evansville 2003
Audubon Museum Art Gallery 2003
Phenomenal Women of USI 2003
Evansville Visitor’s Center, 2003
Goelzhauzer and Killian, 2003
USI Senior Art Show 2002
USI Print Show 2002
“Fit to be Tied” Charity Art Auction 2002
GIRLS solo show, USI, 2002
Old National Bank 2002
USI Print Show 2000
USI Art Show 2000


Second Prize for Lady Wendigo in juried show Spooky Show 2022
Juror’s Distinction Award for Fenris Devouring the Sun in the juried show DOOMSDAY 2012
First Prize (Digital Illustration category) for DRIFT in the juried show Digitized 2011
Best in Show for DRIFT at Evillecon 2011′s juried art show
Honorable Mention for Nascent in the juried show Digitized 2006
People’s Choice for two pastel pieces, Evansville Plein Air 2006
Newgrounds Daily Third Place, A Grave in the Desert (animation) 2004
Newgrounds Daily Fifth Place, Fugue (animation) 2003
Betty Zutt Travel Scholarship (Mexico) 2003
RISC Grant Winner Spring 2002, Fall 2003
Sol and Arlene Bronstein Scholarship 2000


ALBUM ART, Voyager’s Odyssey by Hexecho 2022
Internal Illustration, Bernie Wrightson: A Tribute, Printed in Blood/MonsterForge 2022
COVER ILLUSTRATION, Blue Feathers, Bright Flames 2021
Internal Illustration, ALIENS artbook, Printed in Blood/Titan Books/20th Century Studios 2021
Internal Illustration, Firefly artbook, Printed in Blood/Titan Books/Joss Whedon 2020
Internal Illustration, Visions from the Upside Down, Printed in Blood/Del Rey Books/Netflix 2019
Site header, logos, illustrations and written articles for 2020
Site header, logos and illustrations for LittleZotz Writing 2019-Present
The Ocean comic and others ongoing on Patreon and Tapastic
Pattern Design for Whimsies Leggings 2018-PRESENT
Mascot Design for Evillecon 2014-PRESENT
COVER ILLUSTRATION, Behold the Void 2019
COVER ILLUSTRATION, Shiloh (Novella) January 2018
Internal Illustrations, Trail of Cthulhu, Pelgrane Press 2019
Internal Illustrations, Night’s Black Agents: The Persephone Extraction, Pelgrane Press 2018
COVER ILLUSTRATION, Lovecraft eZine Issue 39, 2017
Illustration work, Lovecraft eZine Issue 38 May 2016
Illustrations, CQCBCA Collective coloring book for Free Comic Book Day, May 2016
Illustration work, Lovecraft eZine Issue 37 May 2016
Illustration work, Cthulhu Project (Cardiff Press) February 2016
Illustration work, Lovecraft eZine Issue 36 February 2016
Featured artist, The Horror Zine January 2016
Illustration work, Lovecraft eZine Autumn 2015
COVER ILLUSTRATION and internal art, USI Magazine, Spring 2015
Mural and ad work for Flophouse Fair Trade and Handmade shoe company
Illustrator Glass Series, October 2014 artist for Tin Man Brewing Co.
Dog Street Part ONE, 20 page horror comic, 2014
Tales from the Clarkside comic for the comic/jazz album collaboration, 2014
The killing of Dreams graphic novel, 44 page printed/42 page Kindle/Comixology
Featured Artist, The Horror Zine August 2013
Art and 6-page comic, Hello World Zine #5 2013
Mascot Design for Evillecon 2012
“Things Fall Apart,” published monthly in News4U 2004-2008
Logo design for 2007
Cover art, The Stigmata Proxy 2005 (review of the cover from same page)
Album cover art, “For the Cerebrus Wilt” by Prolofyx 2004


ART TIPS series on my blog, 2014-PRESENT
Horror Illustrator Heather Landry Turns Author podcast episode 8 for, 2020
Appearances on Lovecraft eZine Podcast 2018-2020 listed here
Interview for 2019
Video interview for MuseHub Podcast 2018
News4U Artist Feature, October 2017 issue
YART feature in Evansville Courier and Press
Digital Painters feature in Evansville Courier and Press
Art featured on MY105.3WJLT in The Evansville Bucket List, March 3, 2017
Interviewed for Article on Robot Invasion show at New Harmony Art Gallery, 2016
My art prints and Tales from the Clarkside comics selected to be given out to all attendees at TEDxEvansville 2015, 2016
WEVV (TV) Interview for Art in the Wild, 11/13/2015
Artist interview, USI Magazine, Spring 2015
Penny Hoarder Interview, “Artists: How to Save Money on Art Supplies and Shows” October 2014
Art featured in Evansville Courier and Press article on Hand Prints group show, July 2014
A Minute with Miguel,” Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana May 2014 featured artist
Evansville Courier and Press, interviewed for article on EDAC and 3 pieces of art featured, April 2014
News4U Local Artist Feature January 2013 issue
YART interview March 2013
LittleZotz Writing: “People I Know” May 2013 Interview
USI Magazine, February 2004 cover

Sir Sean Connery, 2 pieces
David McGrath (Panamanian Ambassador to Bahamas), 1 piece
Bacardi family, 2 pieces
Michael Aakhus (Dean of Liberal Arts, University of Southern Indiana), 1 piece

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