Commission Rates 2015

The following are base rates for different types of commission work. I define a commission as “when a private individual asks me to make a piece of art or an object for their personal enjoyment.” If you need something that will be used in a commercial endeavor (your business website, a book or shirt you are selling, and so on) you need to ask me about freelance work.


  • Digital Sketch: $5
  • Digital Simple/cartoon-style drawing:$10-$25 based on complexity
  • Digital Anime or cartoon-style full drawing: $50
  • Digital Photo-composite/Photomanip: $75
  • Digital Portrait (family, pets, etc): $75
  • Digital painting: $100-$200 based on complexity
  • Pencil Sketch: $5 + shipping
  • Inked Drawing: $20 + shipping
  • Inked and COPIC-color Drawing: $25 + shipping
  • Soft Pastel: $45 + shipping
  • Acrylic Painting: $75-$300 + shipping based on size and complexity
  • Custom Box: $20 + shipping based on size and complexity
  • Custom 1-inch Button: $5 + shipping, $1 per additional button
  • Custom Keychain: $10 + shipping, $3.50 per additional keychain

If you do not see a medium or project on here and you need it done by me, contact me anyway and let’s discuss it.

A note about Exclusivity: I retain the right to display completed commission work in my portfolio and to offer poster prints based on the completed art. Poster prints are non-archival, brilliantly-colored toner prints on bright white card stock and never exceed 11×17 inches in size. Patrons ordering a commission are the only ones to receive an archival print of the art, at full size, and only they are permitted to order more archival prints at full size.