Some Recent Work for Printed in Blood Artbooks

Here’s the newest one, an AWESOME tribute to Bernie Wrightson! I’ve dug him ever since my friend Carl, guitarist and comic art lover and maker extraordinaire, introduced me to him. So of course I had to submit something to the book. I made it, too!

Can’t go whole hog since it’s not printed up yet, but here’s a detail, the placeholder book cover, and the background of the piece.

Before that, I got this beauty into the Aliens artbook.

the queen alien hiding within the intricate and repellant repeating pattern of solider alien drones

And here’s some progress shots of that. The repeating pattern was a BEAST I can tell you.

Here are some shots of the actual book, which as you may imagine is incredible looking.

Lastly (or rather, first among this group chronologically) is Kaylee from Firefly! YAY!

Kaylee from Firefly looks out of a Serenity shaped hole formed by the colorful paper parasols she so loves

And shots of THAT book.

I have no idea what is next on Printed in Blood‘s list, but I’m sure it’ll be rad as hell.

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