October 2019 Sketch Challenge: The Magnus Archives

Every October I like to do some sort of drawing challenge. 2013 and 2014 were digital art challenges. 2015 through 2019 have been ink challenges. Often I like to have a theme, as in 2018 when I did all SCP Foundation related drawings. This year I did a Magnus Archives drawing challenge!

I didn’t get 31 drawings done, I the only years I managed to do so were 2013, 2014 and 2018. But I still had a lot of fun doing it. Here are the drawings I got done, captioned with the (awesome!!) Magnus Archives episodes they are based on.

two ink drawings based on The Magnus Archives: one from their episode Anglerfish and one from their episode Sneak preview, showing a monster holding a simulacrum of a human, and a young man's skin slipping down to reveal a column of colors, respectively.

Drawings from The Magnus Archives Anglerfish and Sneak Preview episodes.

Ink and marker drawings depicting the Magnus Archives episodes A Guest for Mr Spider and the recurring Magnus characters Breekon and Hope. Two sobbing flies are encroached upon by the greedy legs of an immense black spider off panel, as in the other image two sinister strangers heft blue corpses into their wagon during the plague years.

Drawings from The Magnus Archives A Guest for Mr. Spider and Heavy Goods episodes.

Two ink and marker drawings depicting the Magnus Archives Bone Turner and Vampire episodes. A luridly lit rat missing the bones of its back legs crawls through an empty sunset industrial town, while a nighmarish monster with a huge, twisting barbed tongue rears back, respectively.

Drawings from The Magnus Archives episodes The Bone Turner’s Tale and Vampire Killer.

Two ink and marker drawings based on the Magnus Archives character of the NotThem and an astronaut seen from the Daedalus space station. A twisted form consisting of two different women are next to an astronaut with that same astronaut infinitely reflected in his or her helmet, against a pure black background with no stars whatsoever.

Drawings from The Magnus Archives episodes Hide and Seek and Personal Space.

Two pen and ink drawings based on scenes from The Magnus Archives. The first is mostly red and depicts human figures throwing bundles of flesh of all sorts into a bottomless and hungry hole with a greedy mouth at the bottom, in a dimly lit temple. The second shows Ny Alesund, the northmost settlement in the world, under a starry sky cracking apart into pure blackness.

Drawings from the Magnus Archives episodes Meat and Heart of Darkness.

As you have hopefully been able to guess by the widely ranging and creepy subject matter of the few drawings I managed to get done, The Magnus Archives is an absolutely riveting podcast chock-full of imaginative and scary stories. Every single episode is a standalone scary story (much like an SCP Foundation entry) but they have the further charm of all weaving together into one big story at the end.

I can’t recommend it highly enough! I hope these drawings may inspire you to give it a look. And if you have any thoughts about my interpretations or the podcast, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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