All the New Events that ever happened

I’m tired and I have a lot to do, so I’m just going to copy and paste my “Upcoming Events” section:

  • Threaded Canvas art display THRU MAY
  • DENUDE at 22 Jefferson Gallery MAY 22-JUNE 3
  • Art in the City MAY 22-JUNE 11
  • SculptEVV JUNE 6
  • “Supernatural” at New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, JUNE 6-JULY 17
  • Blick Arts Spirit of Summer JUNE 14-21
  • Atomic Shuffle solo show at IUPUI Gallery, AUGUST
  • Darkness solo show at PG Gallery, AUGUST

I’ll be posting more about the upcoming solo shows later, and be showing you all the new art I’ve done recently for Erewhon, Denude, Darkness and so forth. But for now, you at least have a good outline of what’s coming. Love you guys!

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