SculptEVV on June 6 this year…I’ll be there!

SculptEVV is an awesome local (Evansville, IN) outdoor art event at Haynie’s Corner with tons of artists of all disciplines, live music and great food at the same location. Going on at the same time are amazing sculpture installations and other events.

Incidentally, I always offer all kinds of deals at my tent, and many others do too. Whether you want to see some fab sculptures, hear the free band, or go feel the pulse of the local art scene and gab with artists of all descriptions, it’s a great day. I have even been known to go play in the fountain.

Here’s my last post about SculptEVV with a few more photos. I had to miss out on last year’s event to finish up a HUGE project, but I’m back this year and it promises to be better than ever.

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