Majestic Bat-Egg

I’m fuzzy now on the details of how this happened. I *think* I was making a cake and had my egg and butter set out to reach room temperature, and then my friend Evan came along and drew wings on either side of the egg in order to intimidate me with his spy skills. I then retaliated by drawing a bat face on the egg, which he and my husband then took pictures of each other taking pictures of.

evan trueface purikura by sandpaperdaisy
(my friend Evan)

But I’m not entirely sure. As I was going through my photos I found the bat egg in all its glory. And since I am deep in the middle of a bunch of freelance projects I can’t actually share right now…you get to experience this glory too.

Coming up, retrospectives on several (AWESOME) local shows by Arts Council of Doom artists and photos from a show you can still catch, Let’s Agree to Disagree joint show of awesome artists Amanda and Kristofer Sibrel!! In addition I’ve got a lot more older pieces, decoupage and comic concept art to share. As for my current projects, I hope to be able to share art soon!

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