A message from the Easter Jellyfish

The Easter Jellyfish would like to tell you that it hopes you all have a lovely day regardless of how you spend it!

Yeah I got bored and made this jellyfish out of my son’s craft supplies because…I am obsessed with jellyfish. In fact I want to draw lots more jellyfish, as soon as possible!!

Stay tuned for all jellyfish, ALL THE TIME!! …perhaps not that many jellyfish, but I’m definitely going to make more…

2 thoughts on “A message from the Easter Jellyfish

  1. haha.. love it. I understand your obsession. Anytime we got to a public aquarium and there are jellyfish… I am mesmerized. They are just one of the most relaxing and calming things to watch. Once on vacation to Panama City, we went snorkeling and they warned us the jellyfish were plentiful where we were because a storm had brought them in. I was entranced. For apparently over an hour I swam in-between these magical creatures captured by their gracefulness. I looked up to see where everyone else was and they were all on shore watching me. Everyone else was too scared to swim with them!

    1. I’ve run into a jellyfish or two swimming but they were tiny. I’m kinda jealous!! But yeah everytime I go on vacation where there’s an aquarium or ocean I always come back with tons of jellyfish pictures.

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