Fleurs du Mal

Continuing on the theme of Earth Day Art Crawl pieces, here is the next round of experimentation I did for last year’s Earth Day, Fleurs du Mal. I took four pages from a french book on Parisians and painted over them in different places with watered-down white poster paint, then drew carniverous plants onto the faces and collaged in elements like wires, thread, screentone and duct tape. Once again I used old frames, putting holes in one of them to string wire through the frame to connect it with the piece.

As an experiment in collage, it was fun and interesting, and I revisited the idea of carniverous plants during my October 2013 Sketch Challenge as well.

two plant people with venus flytrap heads, reaching up to catch flies

I definitely plan to do some paintings based on the subject when I have more time. As for the original Fleurs du Mal collages in this post, they’ve remained here with me.


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