Phosphate, a lost (or rather, sold!) piece

Back in the days before I had an easier-to-use phone camera, the occasional odd work of traditional art would slip by me without getting fully documented. Such is the case with Phosphate, a piece I was actually quite proud of. I made it as a challenge to myself for last year’s Earth Day Art Crawl.

That year, the inaugural year of the art crawl, we participating artists were challenged to make art which was either environmentally themed, made from recycled materials, or both. I responded by making a phosphate-polluted pond with lovely koi-like fish below the scummy surface, digging out some neglected mod podge and a frame from an old piece of art. Little did I know that mod podge would soon become a frequent element in my traditional art pieces! At the time I just wanted a good way to seal up the old frame and effectively represent the uneven surface of a pond. Here are the progress shots I did manage to get of the piece:

You can see something of the finished piece in the last image, but alas! It is partially covered up by the next pieces I was working on, my “Fleurs du Mal” collage series. I was in something of a rush and I barely finished Phosphate before it was time to run it over to the gallery. Comforting myself that I would be able to document it once the show came down, my hopes were dashed when I discovered it had sold. (Certainly a piece of art being sold is something of a nice consolation prize though.)

I hope you’re happy with your new owner, Phosphate!

2 thoughts on “Phosphate, a lost (or rather, sold!) piece

  1. I love this piece Heather. My dad was a paper sculpture artist, so I was intrigued the second I saw this was paper. Too bad you didn’t get any money shots of the final piece, but from what I can tell it looks fantastic! Did it sell at the art crawl or in an exhibit? Did you get the collectors name? Perhaps they would let you photograph it if you offer a little incentive like a free print or something. Or maybe they’ll just be flattered since they had such great taste to purchase it that you need to photograph it for future archiving… their purchase will increase in value!!

    1. Ahh, I wish I’d gotten the name! All I know is that it was a wedding present and the buyer absolutely had to have it for her friend. So at least I know it is loved. It did sell from its Art Crawl location at Winzerwald, but I’m not sure if it sold on Earth Day or afterwards.

      I think it’s incredibly cool that your dad did paper sculpture, I’d love to see some photos of his work sometime.

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