Haha! Looks like I forgot to set the image for City Eye the other day.

Yep, I’ve been seriously tired this week…very busy too! Thankfully it’s all been happy occasions, like family visiting. But I’ve definitely been slipping up more then usual.

I’ve selected the related piece “City Moon” as the featured art for today. This was commissioned to hang alongside City Eye as matched pair, so the boy shown here purposely shares the coloring of the young lady from City Eye. This painting was commissioned as an exclusive so there are no prints available of it! However, the client has kindly consented to let me share my wistful tagger boy with you all as he stands there in the rain, regarding the woman standing across from him on my client’s wall.

A vaguely gothic lolita looking woman lowers her umbrella in the rain as the spirit of the city descends behind her.

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