Courier and Press article about our DOOMSDAY show!

TACO DOOM’s next group show is coming up this Friday, 12/21/2012 at Angel Mounds! Here‘s the article about it, featuring a couple of cool pieces of art that will be in the show!

I’ve got one piece in called “Fenris Devouring the Sun” and believe you me, the other pieces in the show are absolutely amazing. I didn’t even see all of the entries and I was completely blown away.

I’m planning to be there from about 6pm to 8pm but the show will be rocking until at least 10pm. So come on down for the fantastic art and the End of the World!!

Featured image is “Lord of Death” by my awesome buddy Stephanie Osbourne. See more of her cool stuff at Little Lemon Press (also one of my friend links).

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